The Breakthrough Sphere – A Power-Packed Small Size Next-Generation ARM-based Product

Seattle, WA May 25, 2004 – Applied Data Systems (ADS), a global leader in RISC-based application-ready embedded systems, introduced the Sphere, its breakthrough new Cirrus-based, ARM9 product, at the Society for Information Displays show in Seattle today. ADS’ Sphere is aptly named as an embedded single board computer providing the greatest amount of integrated power in the smallest space, and is the culmination of generations of successful RISC-based designs.

The 4 x 4” Sphere leverages Cirrus’ EP9315 “Universal Platform System-on-chip Processor”. The EP9315 hosts a 32-bit 200 MHz ARM 9 (RISC-based) processor, a MaverickCrunch’ Math Engine, 3 USB Hosts, 3 serial ports and an Ethernet MAC. ADS and Cirrus are working together on several strategic joint marketing programs targeted at increased industry awareness of the product. With ADS’ library of technologies and in-house expertise with single board computers, the platform delivers further with a breadth of additional I/O, delivered complete and “application-ready” with driver interfaces and the operating system, for Ethernet 10/100bT, CAN 2.0 b, USB (host and function port) three UARTs, AC97, 12 DMA channels, SPI and I2C.

Because the Sphere features an ARM 9 core with minimized power consumption and heat output, the product is well engineered for enclosed, mobile, and wireless applications. Further, the Sphere is ruggedized to industrial specs for the most hostile environments. “Application-ready”, the Sphere comes complete with hardware, low-level software, operating system, and device interfaces – all the way to the API.

“Applied Data Systems provides a tremendous single board computer solution that really plays well with the strengths of the EP9315 from Cirrus,” said Fred Salloum, Director of Marketing, ADS. “Collaboratively, we are delivering a product that can drop in hundreds of embedded applications at a very nominal cost.”

The Sphere is ideal for an array of applications, including PDAs, thin clients, handheld gaming devices, and test/measurement devices. The Sphere is one of ADS’ lowest cost, fully-featured solutions. For more information, contact 301-490-4007 or see Photos are available.

About Applied Data Systems

Applied Data Systems (ADS) designs and manufactures RISC-based embedded single board computers for application-ready solutions. Featuring numerous OS options, including Windows CE.NET, embedded Linux, and JVM options, the ADS product line is used in applications as diverse as industrial automation, GPS, fleet management, and POS/kiosk. For information, please visit the ADS website at or call 301.490.4007.

Contact: Sarah Pick

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