The PocketSurfer Supports All Instant Messaging Services

DataWind, a provider of wireless web access products and services, announced today the debut of a FREE MSN Messenger client application for users of The PocketSurfer(TM) Web Viewer from DataWind. The new client application, announced at the CTIA Wireless 2005 Conference & Expo in New Orleans, makes the PocketSurfer the first handheld web surfing accessory to support ALL major Instant Messaging (IM) services.

The PocketSurfer, a checkbook-sized cell phone accessory, uniquely delivers the true World Wide Web to mobile users. The device combines a VGA- width, 640-pixel LCD screen and human-sized keyboard with proprietary technology that allows real HTML pages to download at speeds faster than with landline dialup connections-10 to 30 times faster, in fact, than typical WAP (Wireless Access Protocol)-enabled call phones and PDAs.

“Because the PocketSurfer offers the true web, it has always supported a wide range of IM services such as AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ and Yahoo Messenger. Today’s announcement marks the first time a mobile device has also offered a viable MSN Messenger client application,” said Suneet S. Tuli, chief executive officer of DataWind. “Many people need access to a variety of IM services for work, school, or pleasure. Now, with the PocketSurfer, that capability is available from any location, anytime.”

The PocketSurfer works with over 80% of the 170 million cell phones in use today across the United States. For the increasing numbers of cell phones with Bluetooth(R) capability, the PocketSurfer delivers the web with no physical connection to the user’s cell phone. Non-Bluetooth phones can be easily connected to the PocketSurfer using an optional wireless adapter.

With the PocketSurfer, users no longer experience clipped pages or reformatted images. Instead, they experience HTML as it was intended, with full graphics, java-scripts, plug-ins and all other important features.

The addition of MSN Messenger to the PocketSurfer gives IM lovers the complete package of common IM services. Regardless of who is online or what IM package they’re using, owners of the PocketSurfer can communicate instantly and easily from anywhere — on a bus, at the library, from the office or far from home.

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