Watch out for HP products on the TV

“Making a connection with consumers through television and film helps HP showcase the relevance of HP technologies and solutions in everyday situations,” said Amanda Selby, manager, Consumer Entertainment Marketing and Sponsorships. “Research shows that consumers are more apt to consider a brand that they have seen on TV or in films, so we try to highlight HP products in some the most popular shows on TV.”

“We encourage the television production teams to use a variety of HP products – with an emphasis on digital photography, digital entertainment and mobility. That matches well with HP’s consumer business initiatives,” Selby added. “We focus on building relationships at the studios that give us the opportunity to showcase new HP technologies that might help with their specific TV show. An example would be putting iPAQ Pocket PCs in the hands of police officers or crime scene investigators.”

Shows and Devices

The Apprentice2 – iPAQ 4300 series

Las Vegas – iPAQ 4300 series, iPAQ 5000 series

CSI: Miami – iPAQ 5000 series

Smallville – iPAQ 5500 series” (Source: Charlie Demerjian, the Inquirer)

Source: Inquirer

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