Wifi Kayaking with an iPAQ?

Phillip Torrone is up to his great ideas again. If you dont know who he is make sure you click on the link below.

As the summer approaches, we crawl out of our protective wired covered lairs to sometimes partake in outdoor activity. Last weekend, we went kayaking around Lake Union in Seattle, WA and of course, we couldn’t help but bring along a lot of equipment and decided we’d hunt for open wireless spots, this friends- was “War Kayaking” we found a ton, charted it with GPS, Wifi finders and we’ll show you how we did it for this week’s HOW-TO Tuesday.

We then headed off to the Kayak rental place in Seattle, WA. For about $12 per hour you can kayak around one of the most amazing places in the world with views of the city of Seattle, the Space Needle, Mt. Rainer as well as tons of sail boats, yachts, sea planes and more. All that and there are like a million Wifi spots since all the folks who own house boats and all the businesses around the area use wireless.

Next up, we cranked up our HP Pocket PC 2215 with Symbol wireless card. Using the application WifiFoFum we immediately starting seeing which open spots were in the area, we set the Pocket PC to dim its screen and not turn off, we figured we’d get a couple hours of battery and we’d be able to hear the sounds from the Pocket PC as we paddle around and it finds new spots. We put the Pocket PC back in its plastic baggie and started to paddle around.

Read about his entire trip here

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