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WiFiFoFum…I smell the Data of a WiFi Access Point…

I saw this at Boston Pocket PC and it is very COOL! from Boston Pocket PC


Wayne Mahon over at PurePockets found a real cool free application for your Pocket PC that helps you located WiFi access points in your area called WiFiFoFum.



WiFiFoFum is a 802.11 scanner designed for the HP iPAQ 5550 and 5450 to use the internal wireless card, although should also work with other wireless cards on other PDAs running PocketPC 2003.

I downloaded the application and installed it on my 5555. It was quick , easy, and worked VERY well! Just a toy…kind of neat to have. It does not have an icon if you want it on your start up screen…just the plain application icon. I am looking forward to the improvements that the author is working on. If you like it and use it…consider sending him a donation thru PAYPAL.

Malcom Hall has a great philosophy: “I work on this software in my spare time and it will always be free. If you feel the time and effort I’ve put in has been of value to you and you’d like to support continued development, a donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated.”

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I use ministumber to locate the hot spot and it works very well.
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I use WiFiFoFum on my 4355 which works AWESOME. It works with pretty much any PocketPC as along as you have WM2003 installed, and it will also work with your built-in hardware (no need to spend more money on additional wireless products for your PDA like you MUST do with net/ministumbler). I looked at ministumbler from and wasn’t too happy at the fact they require you to use third-party wireless cards with their software which is an added expense to the user. When I asked about why netstumbler doesn’t make their software compatible with all devices I was told it was becaues of the contract between the developer and someone else. Regards,


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I had the opportunity to be downtown this beautiful afternoon in Corvallis Oregon with my trusty h5555 and WiFiFoFum enabled. An amazing number of open APs were detected and successfully linked to. I really like the “radar” view to locate where the AP is relative to your position.

On my notebook PC (HP nc6000) I use netstumbler. Very nice as well, but doesn’t have the radar screen.

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