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ActiveSync via Bluetooth problem

I tried searching for this topic; I apologize if it’s been answered, which I’m sure it has. I cannot get my 6300 to sync over BT. When I use the cradle or travel charger, it’s fine. I try pairing the two from the BT manager, and it establishes a connection with the PC, and even has the icon on the 6300, but it seems to only have a “serial port” connection and not an active sync connection. It seems like I had the same problem with my 4155 when I first got it a year ago, and it just started working after much trial and error. Anyone have any ideas?


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When pairing the device, go through the manager, then go to “new”, then add Active Sync paring that way. Should work fine.


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More than likely, the COM port is outside the range that ActiveSync will use. The following guide addresses both that issue and also offers a comprehensive guide. IF you have everything installed and set up jump to the “To re-assign the COM port” section in the middle.
REF: > Raj is one of the top ActiveSync people anywhere. In addition, the older Widcomm/Broadcomm software is notorious for port assignment issues. IF you are running XP SP2 then I would recommend using the built-in stack and ditch the extra software; however, unless you have a Bluetooth certified device I’d keep what you have. REF:

* XP SP2 (GeekZone example) –

* XP SP2 (certified devices) –

Good Luck – Let me Know!

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