Cirond Corporation announces new AirPatrol Mobile solution

This is a great way for companies to detect threats to their business environment. Detecting an unauthorized wireless devices and instantaneously knowing where they are will add a greater security blanket for companies concerned with unauthorized intrusions.


from Cirond:

That is what Cirond’s AirPatrol software is all about. With AirPatrol, you will not only be able detect the presence of rogue, or unauthorized, access points, but you will also actually see where they are in your building.

AirPatrol Mobile is simple to use. Take any notebook PC with a WiFi card. Bring in an image of your building’s floor plan. Now, walk around and every 100 feet or so click on the floor plan to let AirPatrol Mobile know where you are in the building. As you walk around you will see the location of both your authorized and rogue APs. There is no need to “sniff” around hunting for rogue APs as if they were needles in a haystack. With AirPatrol Mobile you can spot their location immediately. You save yourself loads of time and hassle. More importantly, you secure your network from outside hackers.

AirPatrol Mobile only costs $995 and you can download it and start using it right now. And, somehow if you are not satisfied with AirPatrol Mobile, just return it to us within 30 days after your purchase for a full refund.

You can visit Cirond Corporations Website here