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Dialing ONE-handed with the 6515

I am very close to buying a 6510/6515 unit, but I have a couple key questions for those already owning one. (1) Is it easy to dial a phone number with one hand? I know about MS voicedial, but I am curious about this. The primary reason I got rid of my I-mate JAM (pocket pc phone) was because I couldnt effectively dial the phone in the car. Too dangerous. (2) Can you start/run all applications using 1 hand? Specifically, can you manipulate the calendar application with one hand (i.e. view entries, make and edit entries)? I’ve gone through a lot of pda phones in search of the ideal one. I hope this will be it. Unfortunately, my workplace does not permit phones with cameras, but the 6510 looks promising. Your opinion and thoughts on this would be appreciated. TIA Past phones: Treo 270 Treo 300 Treo 600 Pocket PC phone edition I-mate JAM

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1) It’s very easy to dial a number on the 6515’s keyboard one-handed. When you hit the Phone button, numbers lock is automatically selected, so you can just start dialing without having to hit the function button. Of course, with owning the JAM you already know you can bring up the Speed Dial list moving the cursor pad to the left, and the Recent Calls list by moving it up. Then you can scroll and select numbers to dial. All in all, I find the Phone app to be very One Hand-friendly. 2) WM2003SE definitely isn’t as one hand friendly in the Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts apps as, say, the the Palm OS on the Treo…but you can get the basics done with one hand, like scrolling through days or creating a new event. There’s a cool button on the 6515’s keyboard that wil bring up Menu items in the core apps (doesn’t work in PI, though) that allows you to do things like Create/Send Messages, create new Calendar Events, Tasks, Contacts, etc.

The Tab key is next to the Menu key in the bottom row of the keyboard and it allows movement from field to field in most cases, as well. Only the OS holds the keyboard back, IMHO, but you can get more done without the stylus than you think. I go stylus-free as much as I can. You have to get the unit and develop your own style to make things work one-handed. If all else fails, the device is small enough that you can always reach up and tap something on the screen with your thumb if needed.

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Maybe I am missing something, but I have owned the Treo 600, and more smartphones than I care to think about (Maybe they call them Smartphones because we are such dummies to buy them?). In any case, trying to enter appointments one handed while driving seems idiotic to me. Without T-9 entry, or for that matter with it, trying to type and drive and look to see what you typed is highly dangerous to others if not yourself. That is what voice recorder is for. Make a voice note and later type in the appointment when it is safe. It is hard to beat voice dialing whether you use MS Voice Command, Signal Technologies or Fonix. I find they all work pretty well. Even with the Blackberry which I have also owned several, dialing out is much more difficult than using voice command.

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Might be worth trying something like this or this…

Haven’t tried them myself, so YMMV.

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I agree, one handed operation is KEY! I miss my old blackberry side-thumb scroll wheel. I could zip all over with one hand very quick. Let’s hope Windows Mobile 5.0 will be nice in the area. (sounds like it reading around so far) I am happy the JOYSTICK actually responds correctly & works great on the 6515. (6315 joystick was useless) So since we are stuck with Windows Mobile 2003SE, the 3rd party apps around look interesting. (like Snoopstah pointed out) Basic phone dialing works great though (like NutritionN pointed out) You can also hit contacts, use the joystick to move down, press the joystick in to select, move the joystick down again to pick the number you want to dial, press the joystick in to dial. I guess the only problem with that is if you have 100’s/1000’s of contacts.

For launching apps, the “start” buttonon the actual keyboard (bottom/middle) is nice to get to the start menu quickly. Just put your top 7 apps there for easy access. I’ve ALSO used the new button features they added. In start, settings, buttons, you can assign TWO fuctions per button. The first one is a press and release. The second one is a press and hold. I made my MAIL button return to the today screen when I press and release. I use the mail button “press and hold” to get to actual mail.

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Great tips folks!

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I agree that dialing (or anything that diverts your attention) while driving is dangerous. All the more reason that there should be a good and quick way to dial your contacts. But I honestly prefer a pda/phone which I can manipulate readily with one hand. Granted that not everthing can be seamlessly done single handed, but if I am sitting on the sofa with a drink in hand, or laying down in bed reading an ebook I prefer one handed control. I did like the Treo 600 because of this reason. It is the same reason I struggled with the Samsung I-500 and the I-mate JAM. My love for new technology and the desire to improve/organize my life with that new technology, is also my curse. In the end I realize I don’t really need any of these expensive toys (especially when being an early adaptor), but would be just as well off with a pen and memo book. Of course, there is no fun in that.

All I know right now, is there a sparkle in my eye for the HP 6510/6515.

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the sygic app is ok, I used it on my jam but it is slow to start and the smaller screen gives it problems.