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New Rom updates?

I recently did the updates found in this form Home » Forums » Previous HP iPAQ Models » HP iPAQ 22xx Discussion » BIOS & Firmware Update for h22XX, a Step-by-Step Guide When it was completed I could no longer start the program pocket e-sword at all, even after reloading it. I can only get to the today settings menu by going through the start menu, going down to settings then choose the”today” icon. I should be able to hit the start button, and choose the”today” settings icon which is still at the top of my menu, but all I get is a sound like it has been chosen but it never comes up. Same with the pocket e-sword, it recognizes that I have tapped on the icon, but it does not start the progam. Should I reload the new ROM again? Should I go back to the old ROM settings. Also, I did the bluetooth updates, and I don’t know if it might have been one of those. Nothing else has changed except for thoes updates. Thanks in advance,


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Jim What ROM update did you do?

When you did the ROM update, all programs were gone…correct?

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