iPod Shuffle vs Sandisk MP3 – part 3

So which one do you think is the better deal? For $16 less I am getting a FM Player, Built in display, Built-in Equilizer, Voice Recorder and free arm band! Yes you have to add batteries to this unit, 1 AAA but remember what Apple says the rechargable batteries will eventually die. Overall the Sandisk will stay in my wife’s hand and my new iPod Shuffle will be placed on Ebay. Sorry Apple . . .

Sandisk MP3 Specifications

• Hi-Speed USB 2.0 for fast music transfer speeds • Up to 1GB internal storage • Support for MP3, Windows Media file and Windows Media-based DRM music files • Up to 15 hours of continuous use with a single AAA battery • Digital FM radio with 20-presets • Integrated voice recorder with built-in microphone • Four-line Indiglo Backlit LCD that display song titles and artist names • Compact design and shape

Apple iPod shuffle Technical Specifications

• 12-hour rechargeable battery • 22 grams • 8.4 mm thin • Built-in USB connector • Lanyard • Apple earphones


• Sandisk MP3 1GB Player as low as $133.00 • Apple iPOD Shuffle 1GB player $149.00

Buy your Sandisk 1GB MP3 Player

Buy your Sandisk 512MB MP3 Player

Buy your Sandisk 256MB MP3 Player

Buy your iPod 512MB Shuffle

Buy your iPod 1GB Shuffle

Quote Readers note: I am a big Apple supporter, but I am extremely disappointed with the iPOD Shuffle. All of the die hard fans who read this don’t be too bothered thinking this is a Windows guy who hates macs, yesterday I purchased a new Mac Mini from the online Apple store.

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