Do I really need a ruggedized Pocket PC?

On either end, there is a different means used to access the interior with PODS. Both ends have a clear hard scratchproof plastic window that is secured using a very nice locking system from the interior. Although it is highly effective, I prefer the system used on the 1900 where the top is easily removed and the bottom has a rubber plug firmly attached.

Opening the case, you will find two straps that crisscross each other using Velcro to lock them in place to secure your iPAQ. Frankly, I prefer this system to the single, wide strap used with the 1900 case. Available interior space in the 1900 probably precludes using this crisscross strap but both do a superior job.

In the original package, there was a foam cushion sealed in an airtight package. I didn’t quite understand why it was packaged in an airtight envelope but when I opened the package and air rushed in, the foam began too expand. After leaving it alone for a few minutes, it expanded close to 1.5 inches—then I understood! This foam pad is placed on the back of your iPAQ prior to setting the back of the case in place. Its purpose is obvious, a firm cushion to protect your device from shock if dropped. A nice touch—very effective!

As you close the case, it is so air tight that you can feel the pressure as you lock the latches. Because of its seal, you can relieve the pressure or “burp” the excess air by releasing a latch and press lightly against the screen saver to allow the air to escape. Another example of why you know that your unit is safe from moisture!

Available accessories to complement this case include: Deep Box Kit, Through-the-Box Connectivity Kit, CF POD, Through-the-Box POD Kit, Neck Lanyard Kit, and a Belt Clip. All are readily available and reasonably priced.

Overall, this case is an extraordinary form of protection for your handheld. Providing the ultimate in protection from harsh elements and the natural abuse from work in the field, your investment is very secure. Its size would most likely preclude the average user from using it on a daily basis but the “man in the field” will find it an invaluable accessory to have. Coupled with the “extra’s” that are available, you will find that this case will serve you well.