Games to Appear on LinkedIn Platform

Microsoft-owned professional social network LinkedIn, boasting more than a billion users, is looking to engage its users by integrating games. The aim is to increase the amount of time users spend on the platform through this exciting feature.

The games will be similar to popular internet puzzle Wordle. On the initial launch, three games, ‘Queens’, ‘Inference’, and ‘Crossclimb’ will be made available to LinkedIn users. The existence of these games was implied in the code of the platform, with screenshots of the puzzle interfaces shared online by researchers.

A screenshot from platform code showing game integration. Source:

A spokesperson for LinkedIn confirmed the company’s plans to integrate games into its platform, although the exact timeline is still unclear. “We are experimenting with adding puzzle games to LinkedIn for our users to have fun, improve relationships, and hopefully unlock new networking opportunities. Stay tuned for more,” the spokesperson was quoted by a source. They also stated that while the shared screenshots show the current look of the puzzles, the interface might change by the time they go live.

Game Interface on LinkedIn.

Games consistently rank among the most popular applications on mobile devices and PCs, both in terms of revenue and user engagement. Puzzles have proven to be quite popular, and Wordle, purchased by The New York Times in 2022, serves as evidence. Despite being acquired last year, Wordle still counts its user base in the millions. Given these figures, it’s not surprising that LinkedIn developers are trying to make the platform more appealing by incorporating gaming features.

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