Microsoft Shows Off ‘Athens’ PC Prototype

Bill Gates kicked off WinHEC 2003 Tuesday, showcasing the future of the Windows PC with a prototype code-named “Athens.” The concept PC, co-developed by Microsoft and HP, serves as a central console for communication, complete with integrated camera and wireless handset.Athens also improves on PC design, with a high resolution widescreen display and silent operation (screenshot). Microsoft hopes to create a true communications appliance, merging voice, video and text messaging. “The result will be innovative products that improve the way our customers work, communicate, learn and are entertained,” said Gates. “The ‘Athens’ PC prototype is just one example of the amazing things that are possible when hardware and software companies collaborate deeply on new designs.” Aiming for instant availability, the Athens PC returns from standby in two seconds. The refined standby mode enables a user to continue receiving calls and be notified if new e-mail or voice mail arrives.For security, Athens employs a USB flash drive and biometric thumbprint reader for authentication

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