iPASS – 10,000 Active Hotspots

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., July 6 — iPass Inc. (Nasdaq: IPAS) is celebrating a major landmark for the Wi-Fi industry as the first company to count over 10,000 active hotspots as part of its worldwide network. iPass, a provider of services that simply and securely connect enterprise mobile workers to their corporate network, exceeded its goal to have 10,000 active Wi-Fi hotspots in its Global Broadband Roaming network by the end of the second quarter 2004. As of the end of June, the company tallied more than 11,179 hotspots in 33 countries around the globe.

“This is a significant milestone in the Wi-Fi industry,” said John Yunker of Byte Level Research. “Connecting so many diverse Wi-Fi networks around the globe is no small feat and iPass has made it look easy. As more and more business travelers embrace Wi-Fi, they will seek out those networks with the widest coverage; iPass is clearly a leader in this regard.” It’s equally important that the 39 different networks that comprise these hotspots have been tested and certified by iPass as Enterprise Ready and can be accessed by iPass customers today.

iPass communicates the size of the Wi-Fi component of its virtual network statistics based on the number of venues with active hotspots accessible by iPass customers. While some companies also count hotspots that are under contract or ‘expected’ or count numerous access points within a single venue each as a distinct hotspot location, iPass historically only announced a far more meaningful number — live hotspots accessible by iPass customers.

Reflecting on an Industry Milestone

Reaching 10,000 hotspots is a landmark for the industry that took 27 months to achieve and required negotiating agreements with well over 100 network providers. iPass’ experience in creating a broad and deep global dial footprint served it well in this endeavor. In building its Wi-Fi network capability, iPass celebrated numerous industry firsts, including:

March 2002: iPass turns up the first hotspots in its virtual network (from the Wayport and Concourse networks).

June 2002: iPass releases Generic Interface Specification, which has become the de facto industry standard for client-based authentication to a Wi-Fi network.

Oct. 2002: iPass formalizes “Enterprise Ready” testing and certification program for all networks, including Wi-Fi and Ethernet, to ensure availability, throughout, uptime and interoperability with VPNs, personal firewalls and anti virus software.

April 2003: iPass is first to surpass 1000 active hotspots in service.

June 2003: iPass delivers iPassConnect 3.0, which includes auto- detection and auto-configuration of Wi-Fi hotspots making Wi-Fi as easy to use as dial-up access, and is the first connectivity client to natively support 802.1x.

Sept. 2003: iPass is first to surpass 2,500 active hotspots in service.

Jan. 2004: iPass integrates T-Mobile HotSpot in the US and is first company to surpass 7,500 active hotspots in service. Feb. 2004: iPass signs 100th Wi-Fi roaming agreement.

June 2004: iPass demonstrates 802.1x and GIS hotspot access with Intel and the Singapore IDA at CommunicAsia 2004.

June 2004: iPass first company to surpass 10,000 active hotspots.

Coverage Where It’s Needed Most

iPass connectivity and policy enforcement services are now available at 11,179 hotspots in 33 countries. The iPass network now includes hotspots in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceana and Africa. iPass Wi-Fi service is accessible in a wide range of business-oriented venues, including more than 2,900 hotels in 26 countries, 37 convention centers in 13 countries, and 89 airports in 19 countries including 49 of the world’s busiest 100 (as measured by passenger volume).

“It doesn’t matter if we have 100,000 hotspots if they’re not in places where our customers need them,” said Anurag Lal, vice president of business development at iPass. “iPass remains focused on adding venues where enterprise business travelers and mobile employees can use our service to be productive when they’re away from the office. iPass is helping evolve the concept of what is a ‘business-oriented’ venue. Now any convenient location that offers Wi-Fi can be business-oriented.”

Using these hotspots is easy with the award-winning iPassConnect(TM) universal client, which requires only a single username and password to integrate access to dozens of Wi-Fi networks along with GSM, 2.5G, dial and other connectivity options as well as a user’s VPN and endpoint security systems. It’s just as simple for enterprises to track and pay for the service, since they receive a single detailed bill and usage reporting for all of their users.

iPass has more than 75 additional providers representing another 12,000 or more hotspots that are not yet integrated into the iPass Global Broadband Roaming network. Before becoming active in the iPass service each Wi-Fi service provider must be certified by iPass as Enterprise Ready by passing a rigorous testing regimen to ensure service availability, as well as interoperability with policy and security tools, such as virtual private networks, personal firewalls and virus protection.

More Than Just Wi-Fi

iPass offers its customers six different connectivity options in more than 150 countries. In addition to Wi-Fi, iPass also operates one of the largest footprints of wired broadband (Ethernet) service at more than 1,500 hotels worldwide, as well as dial-up Internet, ISDN, GSM and PHS (a 2.5 G service in Asia).

About iPass

iPass Inc. delivers enterprises simple, secure and manageable connectivity services for mobile workers as they move between office, home, and remote locations. iPass combines its global network of dial-up, Ethernet and the world’s largest Wi-Fi footprint with support for campus wireless LANs and home broadband connections to deliver a unified and comprehensive solution. The award-winning iPassConnect(TM) user interface, centralized management, leading security features and powerful policy enforcement make iPass services the choice of hundreds of Global 2000 corporations including General Motors, Hershey’s Foods and Underwriters Laboratories. Founded in 1996, iPass is headquartered in Redwood Shores, Calif., with offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. For more information visit

NOTE: iPass(R) is a registered trademark of iPass Inc.