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hotmail in outlook activesync

I was wondering if anyone knew how to make activesync syncronize other email accounts besides teh basic inbox. I have 2 accounts, one hotmail account and a account, and active sync doesnt’ give the option to sync the hotmail inbox. Any ideas?

My other thought was make a macro or rule that copies all messages from hotmail inbox to another folder. Though, outlook will not allow rules for http email accounts and I didnt’ see a way to make a macro to do it.

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Losing wireless settings

Hi, my 5555 has recently been losing it’s settings for the various wi-fi networks I use, the wep key needs re-entered and the listed networks in the wireless tab goes blank. It does not lose date/time or any other variables, just the wireless settings. Any Ideas??

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I had the same problem recently. Don’t know what caused it, but a regular hard-reset did not fix it either, although I did finally get it to work.

I had to run a “downgrade” for the WIFI Driver (went from up-to-date version down to, turn off the WIFI adapater, then hard reset. After the hard reset, it still wouldn’t work until I re-upgraded the ROM BIOS to current.

Have you updated your BIOS to version ENG 1.10.10? If not, check out my “Step-by-step Guide” for the h5555…

Good luck!

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DeLorme Blue Logger-Excellence in Technology

With DATA, you pick your maps, routes, waypoints, and GPS logs. The maps are all the maps that you have stored on your device, routes are those that you have created either on your PC and saved to your iPAQ or ones that you have created on the iPAQ in the field. You can create Waypoints either on your PC or on your iPAQ and GPS logs are either imported from your Blue Logger (if you set it up to log your movements) or are created on your iPAQ while connected to the Blue Logger. I found that both methods are easy and very exact!

The GPS gives you the option to connect or disconnect, check your settings, create a log of where you have been, monitor your direction, heading and elevation. The SKY VIEW shows you the satellites available for use and the Channel View will give you their information. SUN/MOON gives you the date, zone, coordinates of where you are along with information about the sun and moon (rise/set).

The TOOLS menu allows you to create waypoints, create direct routes, create a road route, an excellent find feature, a go to position, a distance calculator, and an option menu where you can check your preferences, get help, about and license.

So the interface is really quite simple and intuitive (especially if you have had any experience with GPS). If you are new to GPS, then there is a short learning curve but it is well worth it, this is an incredible program and the best device I have ever used for GPS tracking. The ?logging? feature is an astonishing piece of technology. I am not sure how it works?nor do I really care. I can only tell you that it works better than I ever imagined.

Using Blue Logger Manager, I had set my device to enable logging when it was powered on. I placed the logger in my shirt pocket and went downstairs to go for a walk. My wife asked me to do an errand so forgetting that I had turned on the Blue Logger, I drove across town, dropped off a package and returned home. It was then that I realized that it was in my pocket and on. I went upstairs when I returned and enabled Blue Logger Manager. I had decided to see what information was stored so I downloaded the data from the device.

Blue Logger Manager easily and quickly retrieved the data, saved it and synced it to my iPAQ. I then displayed the logged route on my iPAQ. This was an eye opening experience. My entire trip was displayed and I had the ability to review my trip. This is a terrific feature!

Now was the time to see how well it would work if I created a route on my iPAQ, connected the devices and start to track my travels. Sitting in my car, I created a 10 mile route that incorporated a variety of turns. It was easy to set the points and then have it calculate the route. When it was completed, the route appeared and I was ready to proceed.

I enabled the Logger, started Blue Tooth on my iPAQ, went back to Street Atlas USA and pressed the connect button. In 2 seconds it was connected showing a green dot telling me that I had a 3-D GPS connection. Just before I started to drive, I turned on TRACKING and as I started, my iPAQ started to speak telling me to ?turn right in less than ? mile?. It guided me through my route easily and returned me back to my home. Needless to say, I was thrilled at how well it worked.

So what have I been able to do with my Earthmate Blue Logger GPS?

1. I have created log files with my Blue Logger that I have easily been able to import to my device. Using these logs, I have created routes that I have saved for future use.

2. I have been able to create simple and complicated routes (both on my desktop and iPAQ) that have easily guided me to my destinations.

3. I have been able to create ?specialized? maps of long trips to monitor my trip progress and guide me as I drive.

4. I?ve used Blue Logger to locate where I am while hiking.

5. I have looked for and found streets or places using a powerful FIND feature.

Frankly, I have only scratched the surface of the capabilities of this device. With other applications that are available, the potential is enormous. DeLorme?s Blue Logger is by far one powerful device that utilizes the latest technology available. Coupled with Street Atlas USA Hand Held you have the ability to go anywhere and do anything without fear of getting lost.

For the past quarter of a century, Delorme has been known as the premier mapmaker of mapping products and technical solutions for the home user and the professional. DeLorme?s reputation as the leader in the mapping industry is second to none and judging from my experience with Earthmate?s Blue Logger, their reputation just got stronger.

If you are looking for a GPS solution, then this is it!

Street Atlas USA Handheld features include:

Street-level maps for the entire U.S., from rural roads to detailed city streets

Canadian primary and secondary roads

Address-to-address routing directly on your handheld computer

Search functionality lets you quickly locate your address book contacts or over 4 million updated points of interest on the map. Includes restaurants, hotels, attractions, banks, schools, and more Ability to track your location using Blue Logger GPS real time on street-level maps anywhere in the U.S.

Ability to store the maps on removable-media devices.

Voice prompts for Pocket PC (not available on Palm OS devices)


Very small form factor

Data logging capability is the best on the market

Excellent battery life

Blue Logger Manager interface is excellent



Rating: 5 out of 5

You can visit here.


Have you read my review on the new Earthmate GPS Receiver coupled with DeLorme’s Bluetooth Wireless Earthmate GPS PowerPack? If not, then you can read it here.

While Michael is correct that a company’s first obligation is to its stockholders, he has missed a crucial point — if you piss off your customers, they’re likely to leave. As the HP Forum thread on this shows, many people will take exactly that approach — and they’ll stop buying other HP products, too. I recall reading that customers are about seven times as likely to tell others about bad experiences with a company than about good experiences, too. That won’t help HP’s stockholders, will it? As for the claim that all the features won’t fit, I don’t buy that. My iPAQ 5550 has a 17.4 MB iPAQ File Store, which is basically Flash ROM that hasn’t been used. Put the extra features there and reduce the size of my iPAQ File Store. Another alternative is to offer the Professional version as the upgrade, which leaves some of the programs normally in the ROM image out and supplies them as RAM-installable versions. That’s what Microsoft did with Pocket PC 2002 and, I think, Windows Mobile 2003.

As for HP’s claim that some applications won’t work in landscape in SE, so what? The user can switch back to portrait without a soft reset.

Even if the application crashes the iPAQ, so what? Not all Pocket PC 2000 applications worked in Pocket PC 2002, and Compaq made the upgrade available. Not all Pocket PC 2002 applications worked in Windows Mobile 2003, and HP made that upgrade available. In fact, WM 2003 was a much more “dangerous” upgrade, I thought, because it severely changed the operating system infrastructure (swithcing from Windows CE 3.0 to 4.2, for example). The claim that current programs exist for landscape mode is also full of holes.

First, many of Microsoft’s existing Windows Mobile 2003 applications won’t work well in landscape, requiring a switch back to portrait to function properly. They should work fine in the SE upgrade because they’ll be designed to work properly in both portrait and landscape mode.

Second, the existing landscape programs require a soft reset to switch modes, a significant penalty. I have dotPocket, but don’t use it for landscape mode precisely because I don’t want to soft rest while I’m in the middle of doing something.

To see examples of applications that don’t work well in landscape, see my dotPocket review.

The only feature of SE that may not provide a benefit to existing iPAQ users is the VGA support, but even that’s iffy. If the ability to scale fonts works in QVGA mode, even the VGA support will provide a benefit. Compaq and HP have shown in the past that they can offer challenging upgrades, and I’m sure HP could do it again. They just don’t want to.

Many people still won’t buy Toshiba Pocket PCs because Toshiba had a habit of abandoning users of recently purchased devices. They seem to have learned their lesson, and offered SE upgrades for the e400 and e800 series. (And the upgrades were free, too.) It’s too bad HP is going backwards, and will likely learn the same lesson the hard way.

Steve Silicon Valley Pocket PC

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EXCLUSIVE: The First Glimpse of The Blue Dock

Per information I received today

As you can see the BlueDock’ has morphed through a robust Industrial Design Phase to come out in a very sleek form factor. Its look and flexibility are very different then what is currently being shown on the Synosphere Website.

The product can be described as an “Intelligent Docking Station”

The new design has a interchangeable pocket which allows the BlueDock to support different devices or if you choose to upgrade your PDA the BlueDock will work with a new pocket inserted. At launch time several different PDA vendors will be supported

The BlueDock will support PPC2003 edition, Older Handhelds can be upgraded to 2003 for a nominal fee from the Manufactures website.


10/100 Ethernet connection

USB port

SVGA monitor support (800X600)

SD Slot (Not SDIO) For your mobile Hard Drive needs

Limited quantities will be ready for release in Q4 (Calendar) of 2004

Will be launching its Partner Program very soon via its web site.

I dont know much more other than what was sent to me about this product but I am pretty excited to see how this will work!!! Great idea and concept..

Nation’s First City-Wide WiFi Network Completed

GRAND HAVEN, Mich., July 29 — Heralding in a new era of city-wide WiFi Internet access, Grand Haven, Mich., Mayor Roger Bergman today announced the completion and full operation of the nation’s first city-wide WiFi broadband network. Other cities have announced intent to build similar networks or have announced partial deployments; in contrast, the Grand Haven implementation, by Ottawa Wireless Inc., is the first full and complete city- wide WiFi deployment in the country.

“As the first WiFi city in America, Grand Haven has truly lived up to its name in the Internet era, as we now allow anyone anywhere to connect to the Internet and roam the city and waterways in a completely secure computing environment,” Mayor Bergman said. “The city-wide WiFi service provided by Ottawa Wireless is already enhancing the quality of life for residents and tourists and enabling the city to provide new services.”

Developed and managed by Ottawa Wireless, a leading provider of wireless Internet access solutions to business and local government, the system uses several hundred WiFi (802.11a, b, g) radios strategically located upon the city infrastructure to blanket its six square miles and provide coverage 15 miles into Lake Michigan. WiFi, for wireless fidelity, is a technology that gives users the freedom to receive and transmit data over the Internet at high speeds from anywhere within the broadcast signal range. Voice over IP (VoIP) Internet-based phone service is also available on the new network.

The city-wide WiFi service, which began commercial operation on a smaller scale in the fall of 2003, represents a technology first for Ottawa Wireless, which also is developing many other community-wide WiFi “hot cities” across the Midwest.

“While a few other cities have announced their intent to build similar networks, Grand Haven is the first to provide access across the entire city limits, making it America’s first ‘hot city,'” said Ottawa Wireless CEO Tyler van Houwelingen, a former Intel engineer and McKinsey & Company technology consultant.

“Grand Haven demonstrates how the public and private sectors can work together to provide an entire city and everyone within its limits with more affordable, easy-to-access Internet service,” he added. “This is a proud moment for Grand Haven, and the benefits of anytime-anywhere Internet access are being enjoyed by every facet of our town, from tourists, boaters, and residents to businesses and municipal agencies. Already with more than 300 customers, this WiFi service is having a dramatic impact on the way people work, play and communicate around town. Its benefits are many, as it enables new public security services, attracts businesses, boosts tourism, and supports education.”

Grand Haven, population 12,000, has more than 2 million visitors each year. Some hotels and marinas subsidize the wireless service, offering it free to guests. A local realtor views home listings and prices while touring properties with clients. A local web designer has relocated his office to his boat for the summer. Other current customers include the city administration, large and small businesses, and restaurants. Local public safety agencies and the hospital are in the process of connecting to the network.

In addition to fixed/mobile high-speed Internet access, Ottawa Wireless provides advanced services, such as point-to-point dedicated VPN connections, remote wireless video surveillance, and high-speed access for boaters up to 15 miles offshore and at speeds of up to 55 miles per hour. City-wide mobile WiFi VoIP telephone calling is currently in beta testing with full launch expected in the next few months. Monthly prices for always-on broadband Internet starts at $19.99 for 256 kbps, and unlimited mobile VoIP calling is $29.99. Per-day pricing is available for tourists and other visitors.

Building the First City-Wide WiFi Network

Ottawa Wireless overcame many technology, right-of-way, and line-of-sight challenges to build this pioneering network across this picturesque town of tall trees and rolling hills. Ottawa Wireless partners include The City of Grand Haven, Grand Haven Board of Light & Power, Proxim Corp., Ottawa Electric, LogiSense Corp., and Winncom Technologies.

Proxim, a leading provider of wireless equipment, provided the network radios, which include Proxim ORiNOCO AP-4000 tri-band access points and the Proxim Tsunami MP.11a point-to-multipoint wireless backhaul system.

According to Lynn Lucas, director of product marketing for Proxim, “The Ottawa Wireless network is a great example of how to effectively provide last- mile broadband access to a community. Not only can it be offered less expensively than DSL and cable, it is also fully mobile and can be rolled out with extreme speed. We have been delighted to participate with a dynamic company like Ottawa Wireless and are excited to continue working with them as they grow their network.”

About Ottawa Wireless

Ottawa Wireless, based in Grand Haven, Mich., is a leading provider of wireless Internet access and services to consumers, businesses and local government agencies. With the most public WiFi locations deployed throughout the Midwest, Ottawa Wireless uses open spectrum wireless Internet for data, voice and video applications. The firm is recognized as a pioneer in the public deployment of WiFi and WiMAX technologies. Additional information about Ottawa Wireless is available at

WiMAX is a registered trademark of the WiMAX Forum. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Spb – its Time has come!

I received a copy of Spb Time and quickly installed it on four iPAQ’s (3630, 3970, 1945, and a 5555). Spb Time is cool little application that gives you an analog or a digital clock (that is skinnable), a world clock, a timer/stopwatch function in one neat little program. If you have Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC, there is a great a screensaver when Pocket PC is connected to external power.

The install went well, easily coming up giving you two options (install trial version or install a registered version). The registered version option is nice because you just have to install it once on your PC and do not have to re-register it on a re-install. I like that feature! After the install, the setup screen asks if you want to subscribe to their newsletter, be notified of updates, and asks if you want to be notified about other Spb products. It is nice that they give you the option to say yes or no. I said yes to all and was immediately brought to the Spb Software House site.

I had to leave my computer for a few moments and when I returned about 10 minutes later; there was this very cool Analog Clock on my iPAQ. It actually surprised me at how nice it looked. I tapped the screen and it went back to what I had originally on the screen.

So, what is this program all about? Well, let’s take a look. Clicking on the icon in programs opens Spb Time with the Analog Clock and four tab-type buttons at the bottom of the screen: Clock/Timers, Analog Clock, Digital Clock , and World Time.


Pressing the Clock/Timer button toggles you between the clock you are using and a neat interface that has the timers. The clock has three choices for you to pick from: an analog clock, a digital clock with a monthly calendar, and a world clock that has the time and date displayed for four major world cities. With the world time, you have the option of changing the city displayed easily with a drop down menu on each city displayed.

If you press on the screen while the analog clock is running, you will get the choice of setting a new alarm, show alarms on the clock, and then an option to take you to the Clocks option. If you press on the screen with the digital clock, you choose from setting a new alarm, show alarm, show calendar, show seconds, and the Clocks options. Finally, if you press on the screen under world time, you can change one of the four cities you have selected, show all the cities on the world map, and decide if you want the night shadow. The world time screen will allow you to show a full screen of a selected city.

Alarms can be set only under Analog or Digital clock. As you set an alarm, you will have the option to accept the alarm, cancel, or go to a tools alarm option screen where you can set the time, length of snooze, to disable the alarm, days to go off, sound, and volume. You have the ability to have the alarm repeat itself as it goes off and of course you can preview the sound. When an alarm goes off, you can hit a “snooze” or shut it off.

Do I like the alarm feature? Well, I set the alarm to go off at 6:15 AM. I shut of my iPAQ and placed it next to my bed. At 6:15, I was awakened by the sound of an alarm. Did the snooze work? You bet and the snooze button was large enough to hit with my finger. Never again will I have to take an alarm clock on a trip nor will I ever have to “fiddle around” with the alarms they have in hotels only to find that they don’t work. I really like this feature!


Pressing the Clock/Timer button again so Timer is highlighted gives you three new choices to pick from (single timer with lap, a count down timer with five timers displayed, and a stopwatch timer with five counters displayed). The single timer has a neat skin with a start and clear button on the left. Pressing the start arrow starts the timer. When the timer starts, the start button is replaced with a stop button and the clear button is replaced with a lap button. A very neat design! If you press the lap button, it shows the time in a little screen to the right. Each consecutive press of the lap button gives its time on the screen. A terrific feature is that when you press the lap button, it prints in black and when you press the stop, it prints in red. It makes it real easy to understand the times as you review the screen. There is a text screen you can press to review all the time durations and compare them to the offset from the start. On this screen, you have the option of saving the times and clearing the screen.

The count down timer gives you the option to set five different timers that you can pre-determine the length of time. A drop down arrow will bring you to the timer options. There are ample alarm choices for you to pick from…maybe even too many. You have the ability to name a timer, its interval, the alarm sound, and its volume. When the time has elapsed, the alarm sounds.

The stopwatch timer gives you five timers to use. As you press each timer, the options are the same as they were for the single timer. A drop down arrow will take you to the lap times screen that shows duration and offset. The option to save and clear is there.

At any time, you can toggle between the timer and clock. Under the Clock/Timer button is a program options tab.


Under Options, there are six choices (Skins, Clocks, Alarms, Timers, World, Screen Saver) to choose from that will enable you to customize your clock.

SKINS: There are four clock skins that are come with the program, White, Black, Egypt, and the Default. I like the Black…it just looks cool!

CLOCK: You can opt to show alarms on the clock screen and with the digital clock, you can display a monthly calendar.

ALARMS: If you have set an alarm, you can see the options you have assigned. By pressing on an alarm setting, you can edit the alarm or delete it.

TIMERS: Two options, no sleep on timers and the choice to keep a backlight on timers while running (great feature for long duration timing that you want to view easily).

WORLD: Here is where you pick your four cities, night shadow, and whether or not you want to show all displayable cities. You have three choices for the screen saver and you have the option to disable it if certain programs are running.

SCREEN SAVER: For 2003 users, there is a screen saver tab. There are three modes (analog, digital, world) and a setting called Timeout that allows you to set when the screen saver comes on (10 sec minimum). There are certain programs that you may run that you will not want the screen saver to “kick in”. You have the option to set which programs you want to disable the screen saver. It would have been nice if they added the option to disable the screen saver totally on this tab.

This is a neat program if you have the need for Clock, Alarm, Stopwatch, and Timer. I have thoroughly enjoyed this product and will keep it on my iPAQ.

COST: $9.95

RATING: 4.5 out of 5

Spb Time

Click on the above link and take a virtual tour…it is a great way to see the features of Spb Time.

Click here for some Spb Time screenshots

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Shock Wave Flash Media

Does anybody know whether you can play .swf files on the Hp Ipaq 3715. Thank You

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Have you looked here: __________________ Jack Cook Senior Editor, Dave’s iPAQ

Microsoft MVP – Mobile Devices

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JAVOSkin Silicone Protection for your iPAQ

Picking a case for your iPAQ is a personal decision. Most likely you choose a case based on two reasons; the look that you want and the protection it will provide for your device. There is however a third reason, the function that it will serve and for me, I was looking for a case that would protect my iPAQ while I was driving and using my Earthmate Bluelogger GPS.

I have always liked leather cases and preferably the kind that flip sideways, have room for my license, a few credit cards and an extra SD memory card. Pretty much, I usually like a case to hold my iPAQ and serve as a wallet but this type of a case is unrealistic while using your GPS. It is just two hard to keep the flap open, look at the GPS and drive at the same time.

With my iPAQ sitting on the dashboard or the console next to me, there is always the possibility of it dropping on the floor if I take a sudden turn or hit a few bumps. I needed a case that would protect my investment, not add bulk and can easily be put on or removed when I need to use it or not. Well, JAVOedge has come to the rescue with their JAVOSkin case.

The JAVOSkin is a translucent, scratchproof, flexible silicone case that has a translucent whitish color to it. It is about 1/16 of an inch thick so it form-fits your iPAQ yet does not add bulk, thus keeping the thin look of your iPAQ. The design has been contoured to fit all edges to protect it from bumps or from getting any scratches.