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Dave’ iPAQ has been accepted into the Tech Podcast Network

I have just received an email and have been told that the Dave’s iPAQ Podcast is now a proud member of the Tech Podcast Network. I am so excited about this opportunity and the opportunity to be affiliated with the other podcasters in this group. Some of the podcasts are CNET, Make Magazine and many more..I also would like to thank my two counterparts Steve and Jack for their continued support. If you aren’t familiar with Techpodcasts here is some information. is a multi-national membership organization, developed to promote, and serve technology based podcast and audio streaming shows.

The network is the premier source for technical audio shows on the Internet. has attracted and is in the process of signing major sponsors, and advertisers. Your company can also be aligned with branded shows, providing a fit that matches each company’s marketing needs. Contact e-mail protected from spam bots Network is family of Audio programs that all have agreed to a set core values, all members have agreed to assure a G-type rating on all show materials.

The network has a unique business model with two membership levels. Not all members can or want to participate in the commercial aspect of the program yet actively work to build the overall network. Those members that desire to explore the commercial aspect are the only shows that we process their statistics and report.

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Daves iPAQ 04282005 Podcast is up

Our weekly podcast is avaliable. If you use this and copy the address into your aggregator. Now you should be all set and automatically download any of our podcasts on the fly. Just like setting up a season pass in tivo! If you would not like to use an aggregator you can download the direct link here

Podcast Show Notes

• Introduction • Presentation on iPAQ • • My New Mobile Studio • Dont be too quick to scream about Windows Mobile 2005 • Interview with John Iasiuolo and Q-Man • Shhh…. Gotta download to hear this • Question from Terry from Springfield MA • Steves Tips and Tricks • Jack hits 2000 posts (111 per month for 18 months)

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Samsung I-730 by Verizon The versatile i730 is the ultimate multitasker. It comes loaded with Wireless Sync so you can send and receive email directly from your i730 and even synchronize your email with most POP3 and IMAP email accounts when you subscribe to a PDA/Smartphone plan. The Pocket PC combines a top-of-the-line wireless phone with Microsoft® Windows® applications and slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Create or modify documents and spreadsheets with the Pocket Word and Pocket Excel® or play video and audio files with Microsoft Windows Media™ Player for Pocket PC. With Pocket Outlook®, you can view your email, tasks, calendar and contacts. Plus, the Samsung i730 is Bluetooth® hands-free compatible.

You can preorder yours now.

__________________ Dave Ciccone Founder Handheld Marketing Group, LLC Dave’s iPAQ is not affiliated with HP

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Consensus of opinion is that the i730 will be available to consumers on July 7th at $599 with a two year contract. This seems like a reasonable price as I’m hoping that Samsung knows more about building a solid piece of consumer electronics than most phone manufacturers and that this product might actually sound good and last two or three years.

Have you held one yet and do you have any impressions?

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Well I am working with Verizon PR since I did get their 6600 on the front cover of PPCMag so believe me when I get it everyone will know.. Nevertheless this will probably be my full time PocketPC.

__________________ Dave Ciccone Founder Handheld Marketing Group, LLC Dave’s iPAQ is not affiliated with HP

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Is that accurate?


Originally Posted by sunsetppc

Consensus of opinion is that the i730 will be available to consumers on July 7th at $599 with a two year contract. This seems like a reasonable price as I’m hoping that Samsung knows more about building a solid piece of consumer electronics than most phone manufacturers and that this product might actually sound good and last two or three years.

Have you held one yet and do you have any impressions?

I was wondering if that’s the actual date it will be released or another of the million release dates rumored? Because if that’s the case I will start getting rid of my XV6600.

Lets get it right the first time…

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All I can say is that I’ve seen those dates originating from several different people but I think only God and the Verizon Wireless marketing VP know for sure.

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Is the screen a higher resolution than the Audiovox 6600?


Robert Scoble is High on our Podcasts

Robert Scoble the Microsoft Blogger who is flying SAS Airlines right now just listened to our podcast 35,000 feet in the air and says, “Just got done listening to Dave’s iPaq podcast. I love this. I get to hear how people react to our products and they put little tips out too. All of his podcasts are up here. If you’re into portables, you’ll love it.”

I have a poll about our podcast that I would love for your feedback.

MCL Technologies and Vocollect Provide Customers with Voice Recognition for Mobile Computers

MCL Technologies, a recognized leader in high-productivity software development tools for mobile workforce applications, and Vocollect, the global leader in voice-directed work, announced the release of MCL-Collection with Vocollect Voice(TM).

MCL-Collection is a sophisticated software suite to create, integrate, and deploy enterprise, multimodal mobile worker applications quickly and easily. Now, MCL-Collection with Vocollect Voice, brings voice input and output control to these same applications.

“MCL-Collection with Vocollect Voice is the culmination of two years of integration effort by MCL and Vocollect to integrate Vocollect Voice into MCL-Collection,” said Larry Sweeney, vice president product management for Vocollect. “Our partnership with MCL makes it possible for those enterprises that want to voice-enable screen-based handheld devices to quickly realize the benefits that voice technology brings to mobile workforce applications.”

With its proven ability to reliably translate human speech input into transaction data and transaction data to speech output, Vocollect Voice increases the productivity and data capture speed for mobile workforce applications developed with MCL-Collection.

“MCL sees all data capture methods as complementary technologies,” said Jean-Francois Jacques, Managing Director, MCL Technologies. “MCL’s unique multimodal implementation of voice allows enterprises to mix and match data capture technologies. Be it barcode scanning, imaging, radio frequency identification, keyboard input, or voice recognition, a mobile worker has the flexibility to use whichever data capture technology is most convenient and efficient to perform the task at hand. Customers do not need to choose one data capture technology over another for their voice deployments.”

MCL-Collection with Vocollect Voice comprises two new components in the MCL-Collection. The first, MCL-Designer Add-On with Vocollect Voice(TM), voice-enables mobile workforce applications created using MCL-Designer. The second, MCL-Client with Vocollect Voice(TM), resides on the mobile computer and executes the voice-enabled mobile workforce applications created using MCL-Designer with its Vocollect Voice Add-On.

MCL-Collection with Vocollect Voice operates in an open-systems environment. It voice-enables MCL applications that run on voice-capable mobile computers running Microsoft(R) Windows(R) for Pocket PC 2003. MCL-Collection with Vocollect Voice works cross-platform, and cross-manufacturer.

With more and more mobile computers adding voice capabilities, companies will realize all the benefits of MCL-Collection with Vocollect Voice across the entire range of multimodal mobile worker applications from route-management; quality control; utility meter reading; car accident insurance appraisals; and healthcare applications to name just a few.

About MCL Technologies

MCL Technologies is a recognized leader in delivering high-productivity software development tools for mobile workforce application development, deployment, and management. Its enterprise-ready, standards-based software suite, MCL-Collection, seamlessly integrates the latest technologies with mobile computer, multi-manufacturer, cross-platform compatibility. Through the integration of mobile computing, wireless infrastructures, and data capture technologies like barcode scanners, radio frequency identification, and voice recognition, MCL-Collection helps organizations deploy mission critical and on-demand multimodal applications to improve workforce productivity, reduce costs, and achieve competitive advantage. More information is available at

About Vocollect

Each day, over 75,000 workers in hundreds of companies on five continents use Vocollect’s Voice-Directed Work(TM) solutions to increase fulfillment accuracy, boost productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. Since pioneering voice recognition for industry in 1987, Vocollect has set the standard for voice-directed business solutions that cut operating costs by eliminating errors and improving worker productivity shift after shift.

Leading WMS providers, material handling integrators and specialty voice solution providers around the world choose the performance and reliability of Vocollect to deliver hands and eyes-free distribution solutions. To learn more, please visit us at

Vocollect and Vocollect Voice are trademarks of Vocollect, Inc. Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and/or other countries.


Company Contact Vocollect Brande Juart, 412-829-8145, Ext. 2448 OR Media Contact Schwartz Communications for Vocollect Joan Geoghegan/Scott Love, 781-684-0770

T-Mobile security flaw in voicemail. Beware and change

If any of our members of the community have Sprint or T-Mobile and you have auto voicemail login enabled, you are vulnerable to a simple hack to access your voicemail. I have auto voicemail login enabled because I hate entering my voicemail PIN number each time I want to check my messages.

The voicemail authentication system is simple. It uses caller ID to validate the originating number – if the caller ID matches your cell phone number (ie. your cell phone calling in to check your voicemail messages), it will log you in automatically.

Since the announcement of commercial caller ID spoofing systems such as CovertCall and another called TeleSpoof. For those not in-the-know, caller ID spoofing allows you to change your caller ID number to anything you like. This is extremely vulnerable and make sure you turn off auto login enabled. This is probably how they hacked into Paris Hilton’s voicemail.

What is CoverCall?

Covert Call allows you to alter the caller id that is sent to the phone you are calling. It can operate just like a calling card, all for the price of a normal long distance call.

here’s a scenario: Out of the office and need to contact a business associate, but don’t want to reveal your private cell phone number?… Covert Call will display your business number on their caller id. No one will ever know where you are really calling from!

Manipulate the caller id, that is sent from your phone. Appear to be anyone, anywhere. This service is compatible with nearly all phones, cell phones, and even the new VoIP phones!

What is TeleSpoof?

Telespoof is offering the first domestic and international Caller I.D. spoofing service, allowing business professionals to remain anonymous when calling from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world. Telespoof allows you to be whoever you want to be.

Our service is for business professionals within the U.S. including, but not limited to; Private Investigators, Skip Tracers, Law Enforcement, Debt Collection Agencies, Insurance Agencies and Lawyers, allowing the freedom to choose any number to show up on the Caller I.D. display.

Telespoof operates on toll free numbers within the U.S. giving clients access from wherever they may be. No need to be in the office or at a computer to use the service. Telespoof also allows clients to place international calls with spoofed Caller I.D. permitting the technology is available within the destination country.

Quote The only reason for the staff at Dave’s iPAQ posting this is to protect the members of our community. We do not support any of these types of actions at all!

Pocket PC Magazine Featured Review

I was pleasantly pleased that Pocket PC Magazine placed my article on the Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard up on their site as this months featured review. If you were not able to see the print version of my article in the May issue of Pocket PC Magazine — you can read it here.

Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard—a Real Taste of Virtual Reality!

TiVoToGo allows users to move media to Pocket PC, Smartphones and Portable Media Centers

TiVo has just taken the next step with its TivoToGo service which lets you transfer shows to your PC by making it available to Windows Mobile-based devices: portable media centers smartphones and PocketPCs.. It certainly cant hurt to make it easier to capture encode and transfer video to portable players so if you have TiVo you’re in luck! You will soon be able to transfer your Tivo recordings to your iPAQ.

Microsoft Press Release

iPAQ h6325 shows up on U.S HP Shopping site

Interesting enough HP Shopping has just added the h6325 to their website where this unit will support the Cingular Network. What is also funny they still have an old rebate on this page along with a TMobile service plan link. Unfortunately users will still have to wait to order but the page clearly specifies Cingular..

Thank you onebyone1958

HP Shopping

POS — An Innovative Wi-Fi Enabled POS Application

The Wireless Logix Group today announced the launch of Reach POS in the North American market. Reach POS is the first Wi-Fi enabled application built for PDA devices to help communications between servers and kitchen staff in full service restaurants, bars and other similar environments. With it, servers can take customer order by simply clicking icons, and generate customer bills right at the tableside, using a Wi-Fi enabled PDA. For the quick service restaurant, Reach POS can enable critical “line busting” solutions for the customer side of the counter and drive thru lane servicing. This unique software application will be distributed globally by the Wireless Logix Group under an exclusive distribution agreement.

Comments Abbas Sadriwalla, CEO, Wireless Logix Group, “Our mission is to be the most complete Wi-Fi solutions company and towards that end we have developed and acquired a full suite of Wi-Fi enabled solutions ranging from Wi-Fi infrastructure solutions, to applications for videoconferencing and online collaborations, housekeeping management in hotels and hospitals, inventory management in enterprises and construction sites, and voice communications in a range of settings. The addition of Reach POS to our stable of innovative Wi-Fi enabled solutions significantly expands our footprint into a new and prolific area – the food services industry.”

While most, if not all, other POS use desktop screenshots sent to the PDA using terminal services, Reach POS is a powerful native Pocket PC program. While the competition is basically forcing Pocket PC on to a legacy environment, Reach POS was conceived, designed and built from the ground up to be a wireless solution and was designed specifically for Pocket PC’s operating environment. This architecture ensures greater speed and flexibility, and protects against loss of information in the event of a disconnection. By comparison, existing browser based products force a screen meant to operate on a desktop onto a PDA, seriously slowing performance and efficiency. Reach POS is also priced to be extremely competitive when measured against significantly higher base costs for competing solutions.

About The Wireless Logix Group

The privately held, Fort Lauderdale headquartered, Wireless Logix Group comprises of 8 companies including Wave3Software Inc (high-end videoconferencing solutions), DataScan Technologies Inc (enterprise WLAN solutions and Wi-Fi enabled inventory management solutions), V Link Solutions Inc (managed back end services for Wi-Fi connectivity, voice communications solutions), V Link Hospitality Technologies Inc (applications for housekeeping in hospitality and healthcare), Kiosk Logix Inc (kiosk software and services), Database Systems Group (custom software development services) and Yodel Enterprises Inc (city wide Wi-Fi connectivity services). The group has an impressive customer list of marquee clients such as Hilton Hotels, Princess Cruise Lines, Travel Centers of America, Exxon Mobil, Harley Davidson etc. Kevin Coppolino, 859-263-0885 Fax: 954-337-5762 Cell: 281-804-0160