XPower PowerPack 400R

Once I started to virtually have my life stored on my iPAQ, I had a concern about what I would do if I lost the ability to charge my iPAQ. I was especially troubled if I lost that ability for several days which has occurred several times in my life. During the winter, power outages occur due to snow or ice storms. Depending on where you live, the possibility of hurricanes, flooding and other adverse natural weather conditions can bring about the loss of power without notice. Because power outages can occur at any time, without warning, and for a variety of reasons, it is important to have a “backup” plan that is safe, secure and reliable.

How do I charge my cell phone? What about listening to the radio or watching an emergency TV broadcast? Real questions, legitimate concerns — so the search began for an alternative power solution.

Finding sources of alternative power solutions was an easy task but were these solutions practical and were they going to satisfy all the needs I might have? For the most part, if we lose power, rarely is it longer than a day but there are those times when a couple of days without power do occur. So should I buy a generator? How about a very large solar panel?

Cost is an issue and spending up to several thousand dollars for a potential power loss wasn’t really practical. I wanted the ability to charge my devices in an emergency but I also wanted the ability to have a portable power source that would satisfy my need for electricity in those special situations that occur.

In January, I posted a news item on a power supply that began by saying: “If you’ve ever wished you could take an electrical wall outlet with you, now you can”. I remembered that Xantrex Technology Inc. introduced their PowerPack 400R , a portable AC and DC power source that could be used for a variety of electrical needs. It was a seven-in-one power unit that certainly was ideal as a personal security device in a blackout, or a source of power for that “away from an outlet” tailgate party or for the do-it-yourselfer who needs portable or backup power for small power tools.

I decided to try this solution because, even though I have a small solar charger, every time I have lost power it has either been at night or so overcast that a solar charger was useless. I wanted the comfort of a backup power supply that was not outrageously expensive and yet would provide me with the power I needed for those essential devices that I use daily.

iPod Shuffle vs Sandisk MP3

Sandisk gives Apple the shuffle!

I know that this isn’t the ordinary review covering iPAQ’s but I truly got sucked into the iPOD Shuffle excitement. Being the gadget geek that I am, I heard the announcement at MacWorld last week concerning the new iPOD Shuffle. My wife enjoys jogging on our new treadmill and asked me to look for a walkman so that she could jog and listen to music. What perfect timing, Apple announces this new 512MB or 1GB player the size of a pack of Trident gum and my wife needs some tunes for her jog. So I went online and forked out the $99.00. Unfortunately, that was one of the worst decisions I have made in a long time, thanks to Sandisk.

Well last week my iPOD Shuffle showed up and first impressions are that it’s definitely sleek, and sexy. All you get in the package is the shuffle, the lanyard, an extra USB plug cap for those who don’t feel like walking around with it hanging around their neck, two white Apple stickers and the iTunes set up disk. Also enclosed is a laminated card which explains the controls and what the embedded red, amber and green LEDs on the front and back of the Shuffle mean (battery levels). There’s no power charger, it gets its juice from your USB slot when it’s plugged in. If you have a Windows PC the shuffle will look just like another drive like any of the number of other flash-based players out there.

The two iPod Shuffles are Apple’s smallest, lowest-capacity, and cheapest iPods to date. Measuring 3.3″ x 0.98″ x 0.33″ and weighing only .78 ounces, each glossy white plastic shuffle is accurately touted as the size of a package of chewing gum and the weight of four quarters – a significant drop in size from last year’s cell phone-sized iPod mini. Neither shuffle is capable of holding the typical person’s entire music collection: the $99 model stores around 120 songs (approximately 10 CDs), while the $149 model can fit roughly 240 songs (20 CDs), depending on the tracks’ size and compression. As the title says its a “shuffle” which means you have no display, no equilizer and no easy way to get to the 221st song on the shuffle, so basically you have to play your songs in random order. My thumb was getting tired since I was looking for that nice and peaceful song while I was resting, unfortunately I was stuck listening to Motley Crew, a song I listen to when working out. I will say one thing – the lack of controls means that there’s also a lack of any adjustable equalizer. Really, it’s just a normal plain jane MP3 player. If you really want your money’s worth why not take a look at Sandisk’s new MP3 players? After reading this review you’ll realize Apple is really good at causing hype and in this case delivering a product that just doesnt compare to the competition.

Verizon’s XV6600 delivers the best PocketPC Phone on the market.

Lookout Sprint and Cingular…. XV6600 supports EVDO!

During this year HP announced 5 new iPAQ’s with one being a PocketPC Phone Edition. Since HP partnered with TMobile I just couldn’t take the plunge and switch over to a network that has to be the weakest provider out there nevertheless the worst technical support. So during this time I have been a Nextel Blackberry customer for the past 2 years. Just recently I heard from my fellow enthusiast site (pdaphonehome) that Cingular, Sprint and Verizon were looking to carry the new HTC Blue Angel phone and rebrand them as (Sprint and Cingular) will rebrand it the Siemens SX66 and Verizon Audiovox XV6600. The main difference being the Verizon version will support EVDO. That was a deciding factor for me so I took the plunge and joined Verizon.

The XV6600 was not an easy device to get my hands on since it is only available through Verizon’s Business channel. Lucky enough I was able to order this through Verizon’s consumer division which I got someone who knew how to process the order. The XV6600 costs $549.00 with a two year contract and $599.00 with a year contract. The plans are decent but not as cheap as the competitors for example I purchased 2,000 minutes for $99.00 where Cingular offers same price but has the rollover minutes. A big deciding factor was that Verizon offers the new Nationwide Broadband Access for only $44.95 bundled with the XV6600. If you aren’t familiar with the Nationwide Broadband Access.

Powered by an Evolution-Data Optimized (EV-DO) third generation (3G) wide-area network, BroadbandAccess offers the fastest commercially available wide-area, fully mobile wireless data experience in the nation today. BroadbandAccess is currently available in 20 major metropolitan areas and 24 airports from coast to coast and the company plans to continue to phase in BroadbandAccess to additional markets throughout 2005. If you like WiFi this is definitely your answer!

Dave’s iPAQ Giveaway Continues in celebration of Windows Mobile 5 and Our 5 Year Anniversary

1. No Purchase Necessary – No purchase or payment of any money is necessary to enter. You must be a registered member of Daves iPAQ community in order to particapte

2. How To Enter: Enter this contest from Tuesday , May 3, 2005 through Friday, May 13, 2005. Post your answer in the requested location. First member to answer correctly will win. You have 1 hour to respond to our private message with your name, address, city, state and zipcode. If we do not hear from you within that hour you will not win.

3. Limitations: Members can only win once.

4. Prize(s): A total of 91 prizes will be awarded. .

5. Prize Conditions: Winners must meet all eligibility requirements.

6. Prizes are not redeemable for cash or transferable. No substitutions allowed, except, at vendors sole discretion, a prize of equal or greater value may be substituted. Non-compliance will result in disqualification and forfeit of prize.

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10.Conditions: Each entrant, by entering this Contest agrees that: (1) he/she will abide by and be bound by the Rules and the Sponsor’s decisions, which shall be final and non-appealable. Winner’s acceptance of the Prize constitutes the grant of an unconditional right to use Winner’s name for any publicity, advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation. Vendor is not responsible for the inability of the winners to accept the Prize for any reason.

11. Disputes: By entering, each member accepts and agrees to be bound by these official rules and the decisions by Daves iPAQ.

12. Winner’s List: A final list of all winners will be posted on www.davesipaq.com on May 20, 2005.

The contest will start in this thread

Be sure to hear our podcast promo about the giveaway here.

iTECH Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard — A Real Taste of Virtual Reality!!

One very “COOL” device that promises to be the
“Accessory of the Year”!

Some months back, we heard about a Virtual Keyboard that was about to marketed to the “Tech” Community. Of course there was a lot of hype…a lot of discussion…and many who felt it was just not real!

Well folks, it is real, it is terrific, it is accurate, and it is Bluetooth!!

A new era of wireless mobile communications is about to begin with the introduction of the world’s first wireless Virtual Keyboard by iTECH. The Bluetooth VKB is an enhanced version of their Virtual Keyboard (VKB), which is a tiny device slightly larger than a pack of gum that projects a full-size keyboard on any flat surface through a unique system using infrared technology. Truly, we are about to enter into an era of unprecedented convenience!

Dave’s iPAQ was fortunate and extremely pleased to be asked to review the iTECH Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard. Of course, I was honored to be among the first to actually test a device that was “virtual”. I must admit that prior to actually seeing and working with it, I was a bit skeptical as to its real abilities but after spending some serious time with it on several of my iPAQs, I can tell you that this is one very “cool” device that promises to be the “Accessory of the Year”!

Several weeks went by from the first conversation I had with the folks at Power Positioning (2P) Ltd. They are a worldwide company specializing in online marketing, Search Engines Optimization and worldwide distribution and promotion of technology products. During that time, I had several conversations about this product, its anticipated announcement, and when the Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard would actually be released to the public. Most importantly, I was able to learn a little about the folks I was dealing with. They were a group of kind, caring, dedicated professionals that were absolute believers in the quality and the function of their product. It was because of these conversations that my excitement over the BTVKB (Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard) began to grow.

I received a call last week saying that my BTVKB would be shipped on Monday and that I would get it two days later. I just couldn’t wait for the time to pass—I wanted to see and use this keyboard. Finally FedEx delivered it within 10 minutes of the expected delivery time (I love the ability to track a shipment on the web). I wanted to “tear” open the box to look inside but NO—I need to take a picture first!

As I have said several times before in past reviews, presentation means a lot to me. The keyboard just wasn’t encased in some plastic covering, it was placed in a well designed box meant to give you a feeling that you were about to open something special — and you were!

Inside, neatly placed in a form fit container, I found the keyboard, a very nice leather case that had a soft protective interior, a charger, a mini CD with the drivers and software, and a Quick Start Guide. Each item was packaged in plastic to protect it. I tore open the plastic on each item to look at each piece. I actually tore the quick start guide as I hurriedly tried to get the CD out of its package.

Dave’s Ipaq –

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bluetooth headset assign button

Hii .. I just wanted to ask if there’s anyway to assign a button on the bluetooth headset to launch a program on the PDA? What Im trying to do is that launch MS Voice COmmand when I press a button on the headset and then speak the command in the headset without taking my ipaq out from its case. I have a 6315 and a Jabra 250 headset.


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Nope, but you’d think??!! The closest “reasonable” button that I use is reassignment of the Record button to initiate MVC. I have a Motorola, and the only function the headset does is redial. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any application, registry, or setting to correct this “obviously” needed function.

Hope someone has a better solution…

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Does anybody know what it’ll take the get these BSH-100 Bluetooth Stereo Headset to work w/ the h6315? I know an A2DP profile is needed, but doesn’t HP have one since HP also have a stereo bluetooth headphone product. What makes these more interesting to me is that it has a built-in microphone and phone handling buttons. Also pricing seem reasonable.

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Originally Posted by pdx_shark


Does anybody know what it’ll take the get these BSH-100 Bluetooth Stereo Headset to work w/ the h6315? I know an A2DP profile is needed, but doesn’t HP have one since HP also have a stereo bluetooth headphone product. What makes these more interesting to me is that it has a built-in microphone and phone handling buttons. Also pricing seem reasonable.

jedi mind tricks

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RE: “Does anybody know what it’ll take the get these BSH-100 Bluetooth Stereo Headset to work w/ the h6315”
> A new and faster CPU, unless popping is OK with you..


iPAQ hw6500 Blackberry Killer?

In this photo you will notice the new belt clip on the hw6500. Users should also notice the unit is almost identical in size. Those who question if this unit is smaller or bigger than the treo it is quite close.. The belt clip also swivels just like the Blackberry style holster. I find this holster more secure than my Blackberry holster since it has a top clip to hold the unit in place..

Dave’s Ipaq – Seidio G2500 GPS Ready Mount @ Dave’s iPAQ

I have used a GPS for years and have found it to be an invaluable tool when traveling. In the early years, I had a GPS attached to my laptop which I would use to help guide me through the highways and byways of those new and exciting places we would visit. I tried to figure out a comfortable way to position my laptop in the car so either my wife or I could see the screen while we were traveling.

Of course, anyone who has ever used a laptop knows full well the difficulty that exists in driving and trying to view the screen which of course is why most (if not all) sellers of GPS devices place the caveat on their products that these devices should be used with a navigator in the passenger side of the car to assist in the navigation. I heartily agree!

However not every trip that you take may allow you the flexibility to have a navigator. With the advent of both written and spoken directions on the GPS program I use, a lot of the difficulty of navigation was eased while driving. Eventually I bought my first iPAQ and when I found a GPS solution I could use, it was a world of difference.

My wife found it significantly easier to use while we were on a trip and when I was alone, I could keep it resting on the console to glance at as I was driving. Hearing and seeing the directions clearly made it easier but it still was not enough. For a long time I adjusted to having my iPAQ rest on the consol but I wanted a better solution. I started to look at mounting solutions but the ones I saw were either too bulky or just really looked terrible. Most were made to be universal holders and that was just not the look I wanted. I wanted a better solution but I just was unable to find what I needed, that is until I saw the Seidio G2500 GPS Ready Mount .

The Seidio G2500 GPS Ready Mount had a variety of features that caught my attention but what I liked the best was that it was made specifically for my device — the 4700. That meant it was going to not look like an “add on” but rather something that would have an aesthetic look as if it was supposed to be there. It has the same color as the iPAQ and its slim design molds into the iPAQ giving the appearance that it was part of the original equipment. Besides good looks, what this mount provides is a professional, safe and secure system for your iPAQ!

So besides the “look”, what was it that I liked? Because it was a model specific holder, my iPAQ was going to fit snugly and securely in the holder eliminating the fear of it becoming dislodged while driving. There is an integrated power system so that when it was plugged into my DC power source, it would charge my iPAQ while driving. In addition, with the power on, there is an amplified speaker with a volume control built into the unit and there is a power out enabling me to charge additional devices while using the GPS mount. Although I use a Bluetooth GPS, it is GPS ready for wired GPS units. What you get is a neatly designed unit that is slim, stylish and lightweight that will provide you with the ability to use your iPAQ and GPS in your travels comfortably and most importantly, safely!

U.S. Wireless Online Acquires Verge Wireless Networks

U.S. Wireless Online, Inc., which owns and operates one of the nation’s largest wireless Internet broadband networks, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Verge Wireless Networks, Inc. Additional transaction details will be filed on Form 8-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Verge Wireless is a provider of broadband connectivity and solutions to municipalities, businesses, academic and medical institutions, convention centers, and the hospitality industry. Verge Wireless currently provides municipal Wi-Fi “hot zones” in parts of Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge. It is also the wireless contractor for one of the largest broadband video security systems in the country, which allows the police department of a major municipality to coordinate video feeds from approximately 200 broadband-enabled wireless cameras.

“U.S. Wireless is continuing to move toward its goal of becoming the leading wireless broadband Internet provider in America,” stated Mark E. Rodgers, President of the Company. “The acquisition of Verge Wireless significantly extends our broadband capabilities in the fast growth sectors of municipal Wi-Fi networks and broadband homeland security applications. In addition, we are pleased to welcome Carlo MacDonald, Verge Wireless’ founder and CEO, to our management team. Carlo brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Company and will be a great asset as we expand within the broadband solutions market.”

“I am very pleased and excited now that Verge Wireless has become part of U.S. Wireless Online,” commented Mr. MacDonald. “This combination allows us to aggressively pursue new opportunities, expand our current systems and service opportunities, and develop new broadband solutions for homes, businesses and municipalities. The enormous potential for broadband solutions involving homeland security, handheld gaming, and VoIP, is just now being realized, and I look forward to contributing to the success of U.S. Wireless.”

You can visit US Wireless HERE

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